Casual Reviews – Transistor

Transistor intrigued me from the moment I watched its trailer. I was intrigued by the sharp, steam punk visuals and short clip of the song,¬†“We All Become,”¬†featured in one of the cutscenes. Many critics loved this game, which further fueled my interest, but I wasn’t convinced it would be a satisfying experience to a more casual gamer such as myself. I was afraid the fighting system would be too overwhelming for me to try and learn, causing me to give up on completing the game. Was it worth it? Would I enjoy it enough to justify the money I spent on it? Ultimately, PS Plus made the decision for me when Transistor was included in this past month’s free instant game collection. Is it worth the free download? Is the sky blue? Do bears excrete fecal matter in the woods? Did Han shoot first? Continue reading