Casual News – Persona 5 Arrived


Things just got very real in our home today. If I don’t make it back, tell my family I love them.


Casual Reviews – Dark Souls III

Guys and gals, let me just say I’ve missed you all. I have moved through 4 time zones, a new climate, and 57 bonfires to bring you this casual review.

I like to change things up. I like reviewing games back-to-back that are different. As casual gamers, we are a very diverse group with specific casual needs and casual interests. Bloodborne was my last review before I moved, so the last thing I expected was to be in my new home reviewing Dark Souls III for your reading pleasure. I apologize. Somewhere between the Continental Divide and the East Coast I lost my way in a desire for something stable.

If you read my Bloodborne review, you’ll remember how I felt about FromSoftware’s Dark Souls series and you will join in my shock at discovering that…I can’t believe I’m saying this…Dark Souls III was my rock. My comfort food.

Let’s dig in, shall we?


When looking around the environment of Dark Souls III, it’s difficult not to quote the most wholesome man on earth, known as Donald Trump: “What the hell is going on???” Embers, cinders, estus flasks, estus shards, bone shards, titanite shards…just about everything has a shard. There’s a handful of very depressed, cryptic-speaking NPCs to invite to your firelink shrine, and interacting with them is not unlike having your first tamagotchi pet. Many of them will end up dead at various times and it’s rather unclear why.  Continue reading

Casual Reviews – King’s Quest Chapter 1: A Knight to Remember

King’s Quest made me feel like a kid again. That sounds great at first, but think back to being a kid for a second. Think about choices you made, things that seemed so important at the time…the games you played over and over again because you had no other options.

That’s the kid King’s Quest awoke inside me.

If you can’t relate to that inner child, then you either grew up in a rich family with guardians that didn’t restrict your games, or you just didn’t play video games. In either case, I just can’t comprehend you.


Graphically the game is similar to The Walking Dead/Borderlands with a dash of Disney design. It looks good, and will certainly age more gracefully than others. The world is very Disney, with goofy characters and childish jokes, and the story is…the story is much like this post…uninspired. I am having such a hard time writing this because I don’t know really what to say about it. You play as a dude who wants to be a knight and must pass a bunch of tests by solving puzzles. It’s great…if you’re a kid who has no other gaming options.

The honest truth is…your character is a douchemiester. Continue reading