Casual News – Persona 5 Arrived


Things just got very real in our home today. If I don’t make it back, tell my family I love them.


Casual Reviews – Persona 4 Golden

March 6th: PS Vita arrives

March 9th: Persona 4 Golden arrives

March 11th: APB for Casual Gamer sent to Alaska State Troopers

March 31st: Search for Casual Gamer abandoned. Assumed dead.

April 6th: Casual Gamer stumbles into an AA meeting. PS Vita has permanently fused with Casual Gamer’s hand…

“Hi, my name is Seven Florins.”

“Hi Seven.”

“I was a casual gamer for as long as I can remember, but last month…wheeew…boy this is hard…ummmmmm…..last month I purchased my first handheld and handheld game and man…I had heard you know, all the rumors and stuff about how ‘once you try persona, weeks just go by and it sucks you in. It gets its hooks into ya, you know?’ I just…I just didn’t listen…I thought…I thought I could handle it…”

Okay, seriously, just watch this trailer to prepare you for this journey to the JRPG genre.


A game where people can go inside a TV, where a teddie bear is one of your good friends, and you (a high school student) must stop a serial killer who is on the lose in the rural town of Inaba…only in a JRPG. But somehow, it works. Continue reading