Casual Reviews – inFAMOUS: Second Son

When I first started this blog, this was initially going to be my second review…ha..haha..ha…get it? Get it? Wow, that sucked. Seriously, I can’t come up with anything better to start this review…like the protagonist, this game has leached any small amount of talent I have.

The reason I haven’t gotten to this game review till now is I really don’t care. I wanted to care. The first inFAMOUS was decent, and the story just managed to scream loud enough to be heard over the hoards of linear, action/adventure, methodical, everyday games. L.A.M.E. games for short. I was hoping with the next generation of consoles, improved in-game storytelling techniques, and decent foundation, Second Son would usher the PS4 into the next generation with a bang.

Instead, much like Star Wars: Episodes I through III…aka “the abominations of the earth” spoken of in the book of Revelations chapter 17, it was the first of many next gen games able to exploit its past success to earn income while hardly trying.


It is nice to play a character representing a minority, but unfortunately, that’s where any semblance of uniqueness in Second Son ends. Cocky dude with family drama gets awesome powers, has fun with them, but soon realizes he must save the world…yada yada yada…actually I just described the plot to the Green Lantern movie. That should set off alarm bells in anyone’s mind, and if it doesn’t, you must have worked on the new Fantastic Four movie.

To be fair…you can choose not to save the world. But that’s basically the only choice you will make that matters. All the other choices up to that point don’t actually change much around you besides determining whether pedestrians insult or love you. For comparison’s sake, let’s look at Knights of the Old Republic (If you haven’t played it, skip this spoiler and play go play KotOR now). Remember when you are playing dark side and due to the Wookiee debt you can make Zaalbar kill Mission? It was of little consequence to the overall end, but it was a very heavy moment that instantly changed the dynamics of the team you were leading. A turning point where everyone on your team understood they must choose to stay or leave.

This story, on the other hand, reminded me of fishing. Surely this next cast will be the one! There’s gotta be a plot twist or something in the next cutscene! But there was…nothing. In fact, I didn’t give two craps about any of the characters. They are so pathetically one-dimensional that the best relationship in the game is between Delsin and the D.U.P. operator who he calls to taunt in order to lure out his enemies for “showdowns.”

The graphics are pretty nice in this game, and the effects of your powers look outstanding. Especially smoke. The city of Seattle is well designed, but with only a few repetitive side missions, there’s no real reason to explore. Voice acting does what it can to breathe life into the script…unsuccessfully, at no fault to the actors, and the music is not memorable in any way. Nothing in this game is memorable in any way.

This game suffers the fate which Michael Cain continually warned us of in Interstellar. Nothing has ever gone so silently or gently…daintily, if I do say so…into that good night (of my unopened games library) than Second Son.

Even Green Lantern, at least, will be forever burned into our minds…an entire generation will remember Green Lantern.


This game made me wonder why I had so much fun with Diablo III and yet never returned to Second Son after I beat it. The only truly redeeming quality to each game is obviously the gameplay. Second Son is certainly entertaining when you are fighting bad guys, knowing you are progressing the story. Neon was easily my favorite power, with Video coming in close second. Once the main story is finished, however, it’s like returning to your favorite childhood theme park ride and realizing…you were an imbecile back then. The biggest drop is two feet and there’s blue Slurpee sticking your butt to the seat.

You do get to spray paint street art, which is magical. But seriously, the random events throughout the city don’t vary much, and I didn’t really care about doing them. Once I had my karma full, I just focused on missions and ignored random events.

Bounding across rooftops is delightfully unbound by physics as always. In a nutshell, this game reminds me of playing Spider Man 2 on my Xbox. Other than better graphics, the two are just so similar. Random repetitive events, linear story (although in this one you have “choices”), free roam of a city where you go to specific spots for missions…superpowers…obviously.

Had this game been released in 2004, it would have blown my mind. Now, it feels like it doesn’t belong. Or perhaps my gaming tastes have changed to the point that two foot drops and Slurpee-to-butt interactions aren’t as appealing to me anymore.

Replay Value

My wife played through it, and in the end she had the same opinion. The characters were about as enticing as an all weekend marathon of C-SPAN. Although…to be fair to C-SPAN, sometimes this happens…

I played through Second Son once…and only once. I watched the other ending on YouTube. Destiny and even Journey are pinnacles of replay value in comparison to how absolutely numbing this game is. To be completely honest, I would replay The Last of Us over Second Son if only to feel some emotion while playing, though my controller may be devoured in the process.




I started this review not really caring that much, and as it progressed, I became more and more upset at this game. How had it just snuck past me just how mediocre it is? I don’t let commonplace games sit in my library! What magical power of lethargy does this game hold over me?

The truth is, Second Son is so abhorrently ordinary, I don’t have any motivation to destroy it for how terrible it is, and I’m certainly not going to praise it or suggest you should buy it.

The mathematical equation for this game is: (All games)/(# of all games)= inFAMOUS: Second Son. If Plain Jane and Average Joe had a son…it would be Second Son. If it had a flavor, it would be the taste of your own saliva. You wouldn’t even know it was there till you thought about it.

Second Son


44 thoughts on “Casual Reviews – inFAMOUS: Second Son

  1. A really interesting review Florins. I somewhat enjoyed Second Son but I think that might have more to do with me being on holidays and generally being in a good mood. The more I think about it the more forgettable it probably was. I think you’re definitely right in giving it a descent score in gameplay. I’m a bit more lenient with it’s plainness because I was listening to Brandon Sanderson’s Way of Kings on audiobook while I played which provided the rich world and character development Second Son lacked. Always enjoy your reviews, keep it up!

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  2. Oh. OHH. Now that I have a PS4 I can buy this game! I liked Infamous 1 and 2, and I’m a huge fan of Troy Baker’s acting since The Last of Us and Persona 4 hahaha. Although with all the okay reviews, maybe I should just wait and hope they add it to PS+ at some point in time.

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  4. Interesting. I think my husband enjoyed it, and I did like it the little bit I played through. (Didn’t get through far. Part of time in my life where I was WAY too busy and glad to be over with it.) But I think he had something similar – he wasn’t going to replay it. But we did have fun. I think there was some sort of scavenger hunt type thing we were going to do, but we had to get rid of the game.

    But I do plan on playing it some day. It’s on my “I will play one day” type of list. *laughs*

    Interesting to hear another opinion though. But then again, I get WAY too into character and such. Did you do a lot of the side/personal type of quests? Wait… am I even thinking of the right game? The girl who used to do drugs and the nerd is in this, right?

    Crap… I now doubt everything I just said.

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    • No, you’re thinking about the right game. 🙂 I completed all the side quests and everything because I recently put it back in to discover there is nothing to do. Unless I restart the game and I just didn’t feel the desire to. I did enjoy the DLC First Light a little more and if I did return to this game I would probably play that.

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  5. Great, story, I always like the Infamous games, but the first was enough for me I personally think it’s getting rehashed and unoriginal after the first game it was pretty much a headcrack one after the other.

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  6. Nice review, although I’m sad the game isn’t what I expected it to be.. I played InFamous on the PS3 and InFamous First Light on PS4, and I thought they were good games (even though First Light was a bit repetitive as well). When the Second Son was announced and more information and gameplay was released, I followed it because I thought it looked good, it was going to play nice and the story was.. well, ok, but unfortunately, it’s disappointing. Well, at least there is a great amount of good games out there, fortunately! Thanks!

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  7. The first two Infamous games were pretty enjoyable for what they were, and the Vampire DLC was great too, but this just seemed like a tech show-piece for the PS4 launch with it’s amazing graphics.

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  8. Great review dude! I like your humor and the video was nice. I was underwhelmed as well and realized very early into this game that I should just stick to the story and get through it. There’s no incentive to explore and the story was ok at best. The gameplay is pretty fun so I can understand why you gave it an 8 but it does get repetitive. I had fun with the first light DLC but this game was pretty forgettable.

    Thanks for checking out my blog and I look forward to hearing more from you! -peace!

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  9. I felt the same way when trying to start this game for the first time – haven’t tried since! Your writing style is quite immersive, and this was an interesting read, although I’m not sure how I feel about the dig at TLOU.. I will read that next. 🙂

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