Casual Reviews – Bioshock Infinite

Story-driven first person shooters don’t usually get me excited. I enjoy first person shooters for the shooting…obviously…but the storytelling feels limited to me. There are some exceptions such as Halo: Combat Evolved; however, I prefer seeing my characters interact with the world, which helps me engage with my character.

But I had played Bioshock. I was pumped to get my hands on Bioshock Infinite.


The original Bioshock set an amazing atmosphere of captivating horror. I don’t play many horror games because they are so dark. I’m not talking mood here, I mean…literally. No lights, difficult to see, and strange noises. It’s a scare tactic that is so overused and such a crutch to compensate for poor writing that I don’t feel there’s any point in playing. I know what is going to happen. Some freaky things will flash on the screen, accompanied by a sudden loud noise meant to cause instant panic with a side of incontinence. Bioshock was different, more intelligent. I was curious if Infinite was the same.

Infinite’s world is brighter and more visible than the original, and the horror feel does suffer slightly because of this. However, Infinite still was able to have me on edge in a few situations. Columbia (the balloon world) was beautiful, although by the end I didn’t explore it too much. I mean, at a time like this, who would really stop to watch a tourist motion picture? The story was vamping up, crap was going down, the repercussions of rampant racism were coming to fruition, Elizabeth’s pinky was driving me crazy…did she superglue it? Did she weld it to her bone? How in the world was that thimble staying on???

I had a lot on my mind. Tourism was far from the top of the list.

Seriously, the story was so intriguing to me that I had to finish. I’d grab all that crap during my second play through. All I wanted to know was how the game was going to end. Who was this strange girl, who wanted me to get her, where was I taking her, and would her thimble pinky last the whole game?

In summary, music – amazing, graphics – lovely, story – very curious…freaky pinky – anomalous.


First person shooters follow a typical formula…shoot, run, shoot….then run. This is also the case for Bioshock Infinite, however, it creates a fun playground in which to do this. It also enables you to perform some less typical tasks during combat. You can use powers because you drank some strange crap that jerks your genes around…you know what, don’t worry about it, just enjoy yourself. You can also fly around the city as a human light rail thanks to a sky hook that latches on to the city’s tram system and, as a bonus, enemy eyeballs.

It is an entertaining romp through the sky world, and I enjoyed it enough to return to the game a few times after completion. Elizabeth is a good companion. I normally hate having another character tag along, but that’s because you usually have to watch their health and take care of them as well as yourself. Elizabeth at least has the brains to hide when it hits the fan.

Replay Value 

I played this game several times through just to make different choices through the game. They don’t really mean anything but it was a good excuse to run around the city again. Writing this review actually has me thinking I might fire up the PS3 and take another ride through Columbia. It’s not the most bang for your buck in replay value, but as far as first person shooters, it’s not that bad.




Yes, Bioshock Infinite is not as good as the original Bioshock. However, it is a blast to play through. Especially now that the price is down or if you got it for free on PS Plus a year ago. If you haven’t played the original, don’t worry about it, my copy of Infinite came with the original Bioshock as well. You can’t go wrong with that!

Spoilers…the thimble stays on.



27 thoughts on “Casual Reviews – Bioshock Infinite

  1. Interesting point of view. I myself did a review on the game, but I was more appreciative of it, in fact the only thing that made me upset was the ending. As for Elizabeth, well she proves to be a bad ass in the dlc.

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  2. Really enjoying the sections your reviews are broken into. I’m still learning so it’s good to see what other people do. Nice review. Infinite is my favourite in the series so far. Was engrossing for me. ❤️

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  3. Oh man. Your number rating was relatively fair. But I think you missed the chance to dig your heels in to a spectacular game/series. Judging by the review and the skimming I did of some of your others, I think we’re opposite gamers. While you like shooters for shooting, I need a story. Bioshock was my push into the genre. Without it as my guide, I would likely have missed out on a bunch more amazing games. The gameplay is unique and Ken Levine is a master.

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    • Oh I still enjoyed it. 🙂 I’m just really stingy with my ratings. Have you played the first Bioshock? Also an awesome story! You really should check it out. Yeah I tend to need both. Good story is crucial, but it needs to be fun too.


      • I have cleared, cleared and re-cleared all three games. I have also finished the platinum trophy on 2 and Infinite and completed the Gamerscore on 1 when I got it on my 360. I just love those games so much. And Ken Levine.

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  4. This game feels like they focused on the storyside of the game for all of the development, then tacked on the gameplay afterwards because they needed to appeal to a larger crowd despite most of the violence not having a reason to be there, I personally think this would have been better as a action-adventure style game with lots of puzzle elements, and as a shooter, you’re right the first two are infinitely better…


  5. I haven’t played much of Infinite yet (nor have I played any of the other Bioshock games) but I love the setting of this game. A floating steampunk city? The music adds the perfect touch, too. Hopefully I like the game as much as you did!

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      • I know right?! Great music just makes the atmosphere of a game that much better! I do believe I know someone who has the original BioShock, so I’ll have to see if I can get my hands on that one as well. 🙂

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