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Having just completed my review of Diablo III, this task is even more difficult than I originally planned. I’ve already tried several humorous opening sentences and deleted them all. They weren’t that good, felt forced, and my heart wasn’t in them. And that is the perfect description of Destiny. Bungie, the creators of Halo (the game that introduced me in spectacular fashion to the FPS genre), brought Destiny to the next generation of consoles in a tidal wave of hype, the likes of which I had never seen before. This game would change our understanding of the very fabric of gaming itself. I allowed myself to be caught up in the expectations. I pre-bought the game.

I don’t want to be so harsh as to accuse the creators of making a game based only on hype in order to earn as much money as possible with as little effort as possible. I believe Bungie cared about Destiny. I believe they care about the gamers. But I also believe they didn’t fully understand what they were doing. Their hearts may have been in this game, but it doesn’t feel that way. Instead, it feels like a paper I once wrote in nursing school. Destiny is trying so hard to dazzle us, but there isn’t a solid outline upon which to do that. Instead, like my paper, it has become an incomprehensible mud of good ideas and intentions.

My paper overwhelmed me every time I tried to work on it. Every change and edit I made seemed to make it worse. It was like fighting against quicksand, and I imagine that’s what Destiny felt like to Bungie.


Destiny looks and sounds great. Unfortunately, it also feels empty, like a compliment from someone who doesn’t mean it. I’m not observant enough to know what exactly gives me that impression, but I know it is how I feel when I play the game. I don’t care about anyone I meet, I don’t care about my own character, I don’t even understand what is happening or why I’m fighting in the first place. There’s really not much else to say, honestly. It’s a beautiful, static world that feels uninhabited.


Okay, so the story may not be the best, but that’s not always doom for video games, right? Just look at my review of Diablo III. While that is true, Destiny also fails to achieve two things that keep me coming back for more in Diablo III. One is online community, which I’ll speak about later. The other is the feeling of accomplishment and progression. In Diablo III, I know that if I sit down and play a couple of hours, I will typically find something of use or interest. Destiny is just a waste of time for me. I can grind and grind and grind…and there is nothing to show for it. It feels like there’s no reason to keep going.

Bungie knows that once you have the gear, there’s no reason to keep searching and playing, especially since all you are doing is repeating the same small selection of missions/free-roams over and over. To entice you to keep coming back, they made decent drops so rare that it’s pointless for someone like me to even touch this game. Sure, if you’re a hardcore gamer that can pour an ungodly amount of hours into this game, maybe you’ll get something nice.

Maybe you’ll even be able to enjoy it before another update makes all your upgrades obsolete, forcing you to return to the grind just to get back to where you were.

The point is there is no point to grinding this game. I found good loot so infrequently that it gave me time between to question, as I played a mission for the 1,000th time, ‘why am I wasting my life?’ Diablo III didn’t give me that opportunity. The lack of missions, standard gun-play, and near deathbed pace of progression strangles Destiny.

Replay Value

So yes, I replayed this game many times trying to get items that would progress my character to higher levels. Was it worth it? No. I have hardly anything of great value to show for it. I never came close to level 30 (I believe 27 was when I was introduced to Diablo III, and I never looked back). However, for hardcore gamers, I can understand the desire to return. Bungie did at least try to create some reason for players to repeat missions, but it’s just not rewarding enough to entice someone with less time to spare. I will probably revisit Destiny again at some point to see how the updates have effected the game. I usually end up choosing Diablo III when I am tempted, so it may be a while before I do. Why waste my time when I can actually find items in a different game?


Online is only a little better than any other FPS I’ve played. It tries to incorporate MMO style zones where everyone can interact, however, it lacks the vibrancy of other MMOs such as Guild Wars. Most of this is due to a lack of player-to-player interaction except the ability to dance, wave, salute, and sit, which gets lame really fast. Online didn’t feel any more connected than other PS4 games where I joined my party and played the game. It is not terrible by any means. I never had issues going on missions with my friends or joining their fire team. However, I can’t trade with them or share the items that I have found. I can’t share the awesome Warlock item that dropped with my friend and he can’t send me his amazing Hunter armor that he found after a long grind. Instead the game forces you to be in it for yourself, using others to try and find the items you need instead of sharing and building community.

There’s also no great way to meet other people to play with. Once in a while some other fool comes running by but all I can do is dance at him/her…which would be great if this was Step Up 2: The Game…



I regret that I did so much comparison with Diablo III, but it was the only way I knew how to explain what I dislike about Destiny. I understand they are different styles of games. Bungie hasn’t given up on Destiny, and it is possible that they will continue to patch, update, and improve it enough that it grows into a better game. But for now…




18 thoughts on “Casual Reviews – Destiny

  1. “Having just completed my review of Diablo III, this task is even more difficult than I originally planned. I’ve already tried several humorous opening sentences and deleted them all. They weren’t that good, felt forced, and my heart wasn’t in them. And that is the perfect description of Destiny.”


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  2. If you’re not into PvP (like me) the game doesn’t have much return value. My roommate bought the PS4 Destiny bundle and I play it more than he does. Once I passed him, Leveling up my Titan, Warlock, and Hunter to 32.5…I resumed by Leveling up his characters to 32. With that I just wait on the next expansion while playing infrequently when I just feel the need to run around and kill stuff.

    There is no story to the game, so I decided to create my own. They still have unanswered questions from the initial release, so yeah, no story. The grinding ‘is’ ridiculous and when you kill the enemies for the Queen’s Bounties…the Loot Chest drops “somewhere” in the large areas. You have 90 seconds to find it before the Chest disappears. Otherwise, no reward. And Bungie seems to put it in different places, tougher to find each time.

    Rewards for Strike Missions are not based on achievement, so you can be a scrub during the Mission and get the best Loot for some bizarre reason. Meaning, sometimes people go AFK, come back at the end of the Mission, and collect good stuff. (face palm)

    The game looks great; I like playing it. But it’s the same stuff over and again as you pointed out. I apologize for my rant. It’s just…Bungie seems to invent new ways to troll players in this game. Sorry.

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  4. I played this during the Beta testing phases, I hate to say I got rally bored after the first few hours…I was let down.

    I was really hoping this game would live up to it’s hype…sadly that doesn’t seem to be so.

    Halo originally got me into the FPS genre as well, so I was really pumped when I heard Bungie was making a new title that wasn’t Halo, AND an MMO.

    Not even Peter Dinklage could save this one for me.

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      • It doesn’t have the latest and greatest graphics card, and the most graphically intensive games I run on it is Skyrim (heavily modded + HD textures) and TitanFall. I can run both on Ultra with very little drop in frames…that’s without overclocking too!

        All in all I’m satisfied, like the idea of being able to upgrade my system without having to buy a whole new one too! 😀

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      • That’s a shame… Yeah I didn’t have a desk for the longest time, or a display either! I just used my HDTV as a display, which hurt my face after a while since it was enourmous (40 in.) and even with a wireless keyboard and mouse, the comfort was minimal, and comfort is definitely key when it comes to PC gaming

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      • Oh wow, that’s like when I got stuck in the front row at the movie theater…couldn’t focus on anything and had a horrific headache…which could have been caused by the fact that the movie was The Last Airbender and gave me a mini stroke.

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